Wednesday, 2 January 2019

With the help of these accessories, you can save yourself and your family during the Car Wreck

If you only know the car and do not know its features, then it is very dangerous for you. If there is an accident while walking on the road then there are many safety features inside the car that you can stay safe from. Let's tell you which feature how it works and how you can save yourself:

Anti Lock Braking System

ABS is a technique that has recently been made mandatory for cars and bikes. If you put a brake faster than it is engaged, then it does not lock the car's wheels. Often you have seen the car lose its balance when it breaks fast. It protects the car from accident by keeping the car under control.


Whenever the car's accidents happen, this airbag works. Actually, the car's airbags are automatically opened on the car's collision. In this process, the accelerometer circuit of the car immediately creates an electrical current by activating it, after which the sensor receives signals from the airbags and the airbags start to speed within 1/20 seconds. By which the seats sitting in the car are protected safely.

Rear parking sensor

You may know a lot about this feature, but we still tell you. Rear parking sensor comes handy while backing the car. By moving the car backwards, if it car gets very close to anything, then that the car driver immediately gets alert and avoids the car's damage.

Central lock system 

With the help of Central Lock system you can lock your car from anywhere. That too by using only one button. With the help of this, there is a sound when opening the car and opening it, which shows whether the car was locked or not

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