Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Counting to 100 Song | Big Number Song | Learn To Count | Counting Numbers song by Kachy TV

Learning how to count to 100 should be a fun experience for babies and children. With our Counting to 100 song your baby will learn in a fun and creative way.

Watch Kachy TV – characters as they dance and shake up and down making the numbers song more interesting than ever. The numbers have never been this easy to learn, with this Big Numbers song children start singing the numbers as they have fun.

The count to 100 song is a great tool to use to enhance and strengthen counting skills and get some exercise all at the same time by dancing to the beat and following up the numbers.

Learn how to count to 100 in a fun creative way! Watch our ‘count to 100’ video with song lyrics and sing along with the kids!

This is a fun way to teach kids to count 1 to 100. Our characters say the numbers very clearly so children can understand and say them with him as we count to 100. Count to 100 song for kindergarten is a Numbers 1-100 dance song for kids.

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